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  • Samphire Grass

    £2.00 / 100g Packs

    An edible salt water plant bursting with flavour and full of healthy vitamins and nutrients. Can be eaten raw or lightly steam with your fish.

  • Award winning Chips

    £3.60 / 750g Packs

    Award winning Ivan Wood – Woody’s Chips – Lovingly hand prepared and chipped ready for you to oven bake, deep fry or airy fry. Soft and fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside.

  • Special Dressing

    £2.00 / 1 Pack
  • Panko Breadcrumbs

    £2.00 / 1 Pack
  • Free Range Large Eggs

    £1.90 / 1/2 Dozen Box

    Award winning Egglicious eggs. Free range quality eggs

  • Homemade Tartare Sauce

    £1.20 / 90g Tub

    Homemade by The Fresh Fish place. We use our traditional family recipie loved by so many. Ideal condimnet to all fish dishes.

  • Mara Seaweed Butter

    £5.99 / 200g Pack

    A unique blend of sustainable wild harvested seaweeds folded into artisan butter from the Island of Orkney.

  • Mara Seaweed Furikaki Tin

    £5.99 / 50g Tin
  • Mara Seaweed flakes – Shony

    £5.49 / 30g Pouch

    100% dried Seaweed, harvested by hand in scottish and irish waters. Use instead of salt for a healthier seasoning.

  • Mustard & Tarragon Sauce

    £3.30 / 400g Packs

    A creamy yet tangy sauce with dijon and wholegrain mustards and a sprinkling of tarragon – delicious with grilled fish.

  • Parsley Sauce

    £3.30 / 400g Packs

    This delicate, herby, subtle sauce, traditionally served with white fish is an all time classic. Great served over salmon, trout and sole or with fish cakes.

  • Tomato & Basil Sauce

    £3.80 / 400g Packs

    A brilliant blend of tomato and basil makes this tasty sauce ideal for serving over any white fish.

  • Seafood Sauce

    £3.50 / 400g Packs

    A tangy seafood sauce brought to life with a splash of Bourbon and seasoned with cajun spices. Must have for all seafood.

  • Fish Stock

    £2.70 / 400g Packs

    A brilliant basis for fish stews, seafood risottos and kedgerees or use to poach fish in. 

  • Fish Pie Sauce

    £3.80 / 400g Packs

    With plenty of cream, Cheddar and herbs, this fabulously flavour full sauce makes the perfect fish pie with our Fresh Fish.

  • Mornay Cheese Sauce

    £3.30 / 400g Packs

    A french classic, its distinctive flavour of cheese and wine works well over any fish.

  • Stornoway Black Pudding 325g

    £4.45 / 325g

    Multi award winning Charles MacLeod “original” stornoway black pudding.

  • Stornoway Black Pudding 650g

    £6.30 / 650g

    Multi award winning Charles MacLeod “original” stornoway black pudding.

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